Our View: David Case, Jim Tibbs can fix a broken Ada County Commission
Idaho Statesman  | Staff Editorial | October 14, 2012
“Appointed to the Ada County commission in May, David Case has emerged as a much-needed voice for accountability and transparency on the dysfunctional Dynamis waste-to-energy project proposal.”

Ada County Commissioner Says Fellow Leaders Ignoring Residents’ Concerns On Dynamis Project
Boise State Public Radio  |  September 14, 2012
[Dave] Case wants the County to hold a forum so the public can ask leaders about the Dynamis plant.  He also wants an independent engineering firm to review the company’s application.
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Openness and transparency in Ada County
KIVI News Channel 6  |  September 12, 2012
We’re on your side with why the county withheld important information from you about the Dynamis waste to energy project, and why Dave Case stepped up to do what his fellow commissioners would not.
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Dave Case Sworn in as Ada Commissioner
Valley Times  |  June 4, 2012
Dave Case, left, is sworn into office last week by Ada County Clerk Chris Rich.
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Our View, Dynamis project: A hurry-up contract only invites skepticism
Idaho Statesman  | Staff Editorial | June 1, 2012
“Not surprisingly, the commissioners’ hurry-up move has drawn criticism from the candidates who actually won on May 15. Commission hopeful Jim Tibbs called the deal “back-door secretive.” Case — appointed to a vacant commission seat on May 25 — called the May 22 contract maneuvering “disconcerting.” We agree with Tibbs and Case…”

Dave Case Sworn In to Replace Commissioner Vern Bisterfeldt
Boise Weekly  | Andrew Crisp | May 30, 2012
Dave Case, the man hand-picked by Gov. C.L. “Butch” Otter to replace the outgoing Vern Bisterfeldt as Ada County commissioner, was officially sworn in at 8 a.m. on Tuesday, May 29.

Ada County extends Dynamis partnership to 2042
Idaho Statesman | Cynthia Sewell | May 23, 2012
On Tuesday morning, the two Ada County Commissioners unanimously approved Agreement No. 9695, which had been added to the agenda about 24 hours earlier. It extended the county’s public/private partnership with Dynamis from five to 30 years and cleared the way for Dynamis to bring in additional hot-burning waste, like tires, to fuel its trash-to-electricity plant. The action took less than a minute and during that time the commissioners didn’t say whom the agreement was with or explain the changes being made, even though reporters, candidates and citizens were in the room.

Primary upsets; challengers talk about beating incumbents
KTVB News Channel 7 | Andrea Lutz | May 16, 2012
In Ada County, the seat for county commissioner in seat 3 was grabbed by not the incumbent, but a challenger; Dave Case.

Case defeats Ullman in county race
Kuna Melba News | May 16, 2012
Dave Case defeated incumbent Sharon Ullman in the Republican primary Tuesday for the Ada County Commission third district seat.

Case: Taxpayers deserve change
Idaho Statesman | Lisa White – Letter to the Editor | May 11, 2012
If you want a leader, best vote for Dave Case as your next Ada County commissioner. He is approachable and will actually return phone calls from citizens.

He does not toot his own horn, but works for the people. He, too, has been recognized for his public service throughout his career and has done so much for our community out here that most folks don’t even realize. He has gotten us sidewalks for the kids to ride their bikes on to be safe off the streets, coordinated service projects and dropped off food to the senior center, pushed the Boys and Girls Club through, asked folks in public forums what they want or need, and brought about badly needed road projects out here. The list is endless.

I have read numerous mean-spirited blogs by his opponent and her supporters, and not once has Dave made a rude comment toward anyone. That shows his strong character.

Don’t you find it odd that Sharon Ullman has registered and run as a Democrat, an independent and a Republican?

Dave won’t carelessly spend our hard-earned money, and he’ll make certain you see how it’s spent in an open forum. It will be great to have a positive change for taxpayers!

Ullman Sits On Bench During Candidate Game
Boise Guardian | May 3, 2012
Weatherby, a veteran political forum moderator, told the GUARDIAN,
“I have never seen anything like this. She shows up and then refused to participate.”

Candidate Talks Trash Over Dynamis Plan
Boise Guardian | Dave Case - Guest Opinion | April 30, 2012
It has been almost a month now since the Idaho Statesman ran its last story on the proposed waste-to-energy facility at the Ada County landfill, and there are still several unanswered questions the Statesman’s reporter didn’t ask.

Skeptics Take Dim View Of Dynamis Power Plant
Boise Guardian | April 28, 2012
While the GUARDIAN has always been skeptical about the proposed “trash to energy” project at the county dump, more folks are jumping on the trash truck seeking to short circuit the plan.

West Neighborhood Hosts Candidate Forum
Boise Guardian | April 28, 2012
The West Boise Neighborhood Association is hosting a candidate forum–which will be more of a “meet and greet,” but still a good effort on their part. Date is Wednesday May 2nd at 7:00 PM at Library! Cole and Ustick

Hidden Springs residents want to know more about waste-to-energy plant
Idaho Statesman | By Cynthia Sewell | April 19, 2012
Hidden Springs residents want to know more about the proposed Dynamis waste-to-energy plant that will be 1 mile as the crow flies from the 1,000-home community north of Boise. Ada County commissioner candidates Dave Case and Jim Tibbs will discuss their findings and opinions, according to the community’s website.

Ada County Commissioner: Candidates Tibbs and Case to speak at forum on waste-to-energy plant
Idaho Statesman | Cynthia Sewell | April 19, 2012
Ada County Commissioner candidates Jim Tibbs (District 1) and Dave Case (District 3) will meet with Hidden Springs residents on Thursday, April 26, to discuss their findings and opinions on the proposed Dynamis waste-to-energy plant which will be one mile as the crow flies from the 1,000-home community north of Boise.

The Rest of the Dynamis Story Hasn’t Been Told
The Valley Times | Dave Case – Guest Opinion | April 16, 2012
While I appreciate the March 29th update the Idaho Statesman ran on the proposed waste-to-enerty facility at the Ada County landfill, there were several questions the Statesman’s reporter didn’t ask…
Guest Opinion – Dave Case

Vern Bisterfeldt resigns from the Ada County Commission
The Idaho Statesman | April 16, 2012
Vern Bisterfeldt is resigning from the Ada County Commission effective in early May.

Ada Co. commissioner to retire early
KTVB | April 15, 2012
BOISE — Ada County Commissioner Vern Bisterfeldt will retire from his position in May, before his term runs out, because of health issues.

Meridian & Eagle Mayors Endorse County Commission Candidate Case
Press Release | April 10, 2012
Ada County Commission Candidate Dave Case today announced he has received the backing of Meridian Mayor Tammy de Weerd and Eagle Mayor Jim Reynolds. Both mayors cited Case’s qualifications, his history of public service, but mostly his commitment to work with other government entities inside Ada County to help address issues and solve mutual problems.
Meridian & Eagle Mayors Endorse County Commission Candidate Case.pdf

Ada County Commission District 3: Bisterfeldt, de Weerd endorse Dave Case
Idaho Statesman | Cynthia Sewell | April 9, 2012
Retiring Ada County Commissioner Vern Bisterfeldt and Meridian Mayor Tammy de Weerd have endorsed Dave Case to fill Bisterfeldt’s seat.

Ada Commission Candidate Dave Case Resigns State Job to Continue Campaign
Press Release | March 26, 2012
Ada County Commission candidate Dave Case announced today that he would resign his position as a hearing officer with the State Parole Commission in order to continue his campaign for Ada Commissioner in District Three.
Dave Case Resigns from State Job to Continue Campaign.pdf

Ada County Commission Race Narrows
Idaho Statesman | Cynthia Sewell | March 20, 2012
Don Crowell of Meridian withdrew from the race Friday, leaving two candidates vying for retiring Commissioner Vern Bisterfeldt’s seat — Ada County District 1 Commissioner Sharon Ullman and Ada County Highway District Commissioner Dave Case.

Bisterfeldt Will Not Seek Re-election
Boise Weekly | George Prentice | March 3, 2012
Bisterfeldt said he would endorse newcomer David Case, an Ada County Highway District commissioner in the race for his open seat.

Ada Commissioner Bisterfeldt Endorses Commission Candidate Dave Case
Press Release | March 2, 2012
Saying Ada County needs a County Commissioner they can trust to watch out for their interest, retiring Ada County Commissioner Vern Bisterfeldt today endorsed District 3 commission candidate Dave Case as the person he would like to see replace him when he leaves.

Ada County commissioner plans to return to work Monday, will not seek another term
The Idaho Statesman  | Cynthia Sewell | March 2, 2012
Bisterfeldt said he will not seek another term and he has endorsed Ada County Highway District Commissioner Dave Case, who is challenging Ullman for Bisterfeldt’s seat.

Four Ada County Offices up for election
Idaho Statesman  | Cynthia Sewell | March 3, 2012
Bisterfeldt said he will not seek re-election. Ullman and Ada County Highway District Commissioner Dave Case have both filed as Republicans for this seat.

Dave Case to run for Ada County Commission seat
Kuna Melba News | March 1, 2012
Dave Case has announced that he will file for the Republican Party nomination for Ada County Commissioner, District 3, which covers Kuna.

Free Candidate Forum For May Primary Races
Boise Guardian | March 1, 2012
This post will serve as the candidate free space for the upcoming May primary.

ACHD Commish To Challenge Ullman For Ada Seat
Boise Guardian | February 24, 2012
Dave Case, a hearing officer for the stet of Idaho and an elected member of the Ada County Highway District, has told the GUARDIAN he will run for Ada County Commissioner against Sharon Ullman.

Dave Case to run for Ada County Commissioner
Idaho Statesman | Feb 24, 2012
Republican Dave Case has announced he will run for Ada County Commissioner District 3. Case was elected to the Ada County Highway Commission in 2010.

Case to Run for Ada County Commission
Boise Weekly | George Prentice | Fri, Feb 24, 2012
Dave Case, a state of Idaho parole hearing officer and real estate agent, has announced that he is running for the District 3 seat on the commission, currently held by Vern Bisterfeldt.